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iBank.Markets is the Investment Banking Marketplace sponsored by Romania Investment Partners.


The Marketplace acts as a cross-border financial platform suited to capture, match, initiate and close investment-banking deals of Romanian-based companies that are seeking foreign capital and backers with various groups of overseas private/institutional investors and capital providers. The platform provides a deal-closing gateway for local companies, corporations, and entrepreneurs looking forward to buying and selling corporate participation, raising foreign and/or domestic capital, discovering overseas funding and investment partners, uncovering abroad strategic and financial business associates, and so forth.


Operating across all asset classes, blending a broad and deep product platform with a strong overseas network, the Investment Banking Markets combine global capabilities with local expertise to develop innovative client-driven, flow-based and capital-efficient products, services, and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our local and international clients.


Our Corporate Finance & Investment Banking practice is built on an integrated business model, which combined with a client-centric approach enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients and deliver them value-added solutions throughout the entire business lifecycle.


Thus, the CFIB Marketplace provides a set of comprehensive advisory, financing, and investment products that are fully integrated with a strong overseas and local infrastructure, being able to supply a breadth of expertise across the full capital structure. In addition, we deliver a wide array of risks management, hedging and transfer solutions (risks modeling and optimization; hedging and transferring strategies; financial engineering) to help clients mitigate all risk-classes: interest-rate, currency and foreign-exchange, credit, commodity prices, debt, and equity prices, inflation, liquidity, market, cross-border, counterparty, economic and political.


The First Romanian-focused Cross-Border Investment Banking Marketplace

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