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The Project Finance Markets bring together the business focus, sector and strategy themes, financing and investment pursuit of overseas strategic and financial investors with Romanian-based entrepreneurs and companies looking forward to funding their investment projects, developing the market share, expanding the products portfolio, or getting access to growth and expansion capital by means of various types of Project Finance transactions.


Our Investment Banking platform delivers to local Project Finance clients a mix of advisory services blended with capital raising and transaction-related financing across the entire capital structure, along with access to a breadth of cross-border networking of strategic and financial investors and backers interested in pursuing Romanian Project Finance opportunities.


We represent local and overseas clients in both sell-side and buy-side Project Finance engagements, providing specific services related to:

  • Project Finance transactions advisory, capital placing, capital raising, and financing (debt, equity, and hybrid)

  • Dedicated target- and investor-specific services

  • Capabilities to finance projects across various themes, asset types, and investment strategies along the risk/reward continuum (core, core-plus, value-added, opportunistic, etc):

    • Power and energy

    • Renewable energy

    • Energy-related industries

    • Traditional fossil fuels and fossil-related products

    • Alternative fuels

    • Natural resources (metals, mining, minerals, iron, steel, oil and gas, chemicals, and petrochemicals)

    • Transport infrastructure

    • Environmental services infrastructure

    • Utilities infrastructure (electricity, power, water, oil, gas)

    • Social infrastructure (hospitals, universities, schools, mass transit)

    • Telecommunication infrastructure

    • Infrastructure-related services (urban, building, environmental)

    • Security and defense infrastructure

    • Timberlands and agricultural lands

    • Agribusiness, paper, and forest products companies; etc

  • Product types:

    • Equity

    • Mezzanine and equity-linked

    • Credit, debt, and direct lending

    • Hybrid

    • Structured finance

    • Leveraged finance

  • Special/complex situations, stressed, distressed, turnaround and insolvency Project Finance transactions

  • Public-private partnerships Project Finance transactions


A brief of featured Project Finance buy-side and sell-side exclusive mandates is available throughout the sections of the Project Finance Marketplace.


To discuss your particular business facts and prospect the opportunity of entering an exclusive Project Finance engagement with our company, feel free to get in touch with us by filling out the registration form.

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The First Romanian-focused Cross-Border Investment Banking Marketplace

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