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Transaction ID:


Transaction Name:

Investing in real-estate opportunities

Transaction Description:

Private equity fund looking for investment opportunities in real estate companies operating across multiple strategies and themes of interest.


Investor Location:

United Kingdom

Type of Capital Provider:

  • Private Equity/Debt Fund

  • Strategic Acquirer

  • Strategic Investor


Target Location:

Romania (ALL Development Regions)

Target Sector/Industry Profile:

Real Estate

  • Diversified Real Estate Activities: Service Providers

  • Real Estate Operating Companies: Service Providers

  • Real Estate Development: RE Developers

  • Real Estate Services: Service Providers


Project Location:

Romania (ALL Development Regions)

  • North-East Development Region

  • South-East Development Region

  • South-Muntenia Development Region

  • South-West Development Region

  • West Development Region

  • North-West Development Region

  • Center Development Region

  • Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region

Project Theme:

  • Hotels, Hospitality and Serviced Apartments

  • Industrial and Warehousing

  • Land

  • Leisure and Entertainment

  • Mixed-Use

  • Niche Market (hospital, school, medical office)

  • Office and Commercial

  • Residential (multifamily, apartments, villas, plots)

  • Retail, Shopping Centers and Malls

  • Specialty Housing and Senior Living

Stage of Development:

  • Existing Assets

  • Proposed Development

  • Under-Construction

Project/Investment Strategies:

  • Acquisition

  • Assets (Re)Development

  • Core

  • Core-Plus

  • Financial and Capital Restructuring

  • Income-Producing Assets

  • Land and Development

  • Leasing Strategies

  • Operating Strategies

  • Opportunistic

  • Pre-Operational

  • Property Development/Redevelopment

  • Real Estate Owned (REO)

  • Rezoning, Change of Use and Entitlement

  • Stressed, Distressed and Non-Performing Assets

  • Under-Performing and Under-Valued Assets

  • Value-Added


Deal Size:

min. EUR 5M

Type of Strategies/Transactions:

  • Acquisition Capital

  • Co-Investment Capital

  • Distressed & Turnaround Capital

  • Event-Driven & Opportunistic Capital

  • Exit Capital

  • Expansion Capital

  • Growth Capital

  • Management & Leveraged Buyouts

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Mezzanine Capital

  • Private-to-Public Capital

  • Property & Real Estate Capital

  • Public-to-Private Capital

  • Replacement Capital

  • Restructuring & Recapitalisation Capital

  • Secondaries

  • Special & Complex Situations Capital

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Pre-IPO

  • Private Placement

  • Secondary Public Offering (SPO)

Type of Capital Provided/Transactions:

  • Credit & Direct Lending

  • Debt

  • Equity

  • Hybrid

  • Leveraged Finance

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Mezzanine & Equity-Linked

  • Structured Finance

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Private Placement

  • Secondary Public Offering (SPO)

Transaction Particulars:

Looking to invest in real estate companies operating across several specific strategies and themes of interest.

Looking for targets with an established presence and strong organic growth.

Potential Terms:

Open to consider various types of real estate investments.

Key Financial Indicators (Target/Project, Deal):

Key Financial Indicators (indicative):

  • Operating Revenues: min. EUR 20M

  • EBITDA: min. EUR 5M

  • Potential Stake: min. 25%


Prima Piata Globala de Investment Banking dedicata Companiilor Romanesti

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