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Transaction ID:


Transaction Name:

Acquisition of consulting and professional services companies

Transaction Description:

Strategic acquirer looking for M&A opportunities of consulting and professional services companies.


Acquirer Location:

United Kingdom

Type of Corporate Acquirer:

  • Corporate Acquirer

  • Strategic Acquirer

  • Strategic Investor


Target Location:

Romania (ALL Development Regions):

  • North-East Development Region

  • South-East Development Region

  • South-Muntenia Development Region

  • South-West Development Region

  • West Development Region

  • North-West Development Region

  • Center Development Region

  • Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region

Target Sector/Industry Profile:

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  • Legal Services

  • Title Abstract and Settlement Offices 

  • Other Legal Services 

Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

  • Other Accounting Services 

Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

  • Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services 

  • Human Resources Consulting Services 

  • Marketing Consulting Services 

  • Process, Physical Distribution and Logistics Consulting Services 

  • Other Management Consulting Services 

  • Environmental Consulting Services

  • Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  • Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling 

  • Translation and Interpretation Services 

  • Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Management of Companies and Enterprises

  • Corporate, Subsidiary and Regional Managing Offices


Deal Size:

min. EUR 1M

Type of Strategies/Transactions:

Merger & Acquisition:

  • M&A - Acquisition

  • M&A - Distressed & Turnaround

  • M&A - Divestiture

  • M&A - Joint-Venture

  • M&A - Merger

  • M&A - Restructuring & Recapitalisation

  • M&A - Sale

  • M&A - Special & Complex Situations

  • M&A - Strategic Alliance

  • M&A - Takeover

Type of Capital Provided/Transactions:

Merger & Acquisition

Transaction Particulars:

Looking to acquire consulting and professional services companies operating across any/multiple business segments, including:

  • accounting and bookkeeping services;

  • environmental consulting services;

  • human resources consulting services;

  • legal services;

  • logistics and physical distribution consulting services;

  • management (administrative and general) consulting services;

  • management of companies and enterprises (corporate, subsidiary/holding, regional offices);

  • market research and public opinion polling;

  • marketing consulting services;

  • payroll services;

  • scientific and technical consulting services;

  • tax preparation services;

  • translation and interpretation services; etc

Open to consider various types of M&A deals.

Potential Terms:

Key Financial Indicators (indicative):

  • Operating Revenues: min. EUR 3M

  • Potential Stake: min. 25%

Key Financial Indicators (Target/Project, Deal):


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