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Transaction ID:


Transaction Name:

Acquisition of sensor/detection device manufacturer companies

Transaction Description:

Strategic acquirer looking for M&A opportunities of sensor/detection device manufacturer companies.


Acquirer Location:


Type of Corporate Acquirer:

  • Corporate Acquirer

  • Strategic Acquirer

  • Strategic Investor


Target Location:

Romania (ALL Development Regions):

  • North-East Development Region

  • South-East Development Region

  • South-Muntenia Development Region

  • South-West Development Region

  • West Development Region

  • North-West Development Region

  • Center Development Region

  • Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region

Target Sector/Industry Profile:

Technology Hardware and Equipment

  • Networking Equipment: Manufacturers

  • Telecommunications Equipment: Manufacturers

  • Computer Hardware: Manufacturers

  • Computer Storage and Peripherals: Manufacturers

  • Electronic Components: Manufacturers

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services: Manufacturers

Capital Goods

  • Aerospace and Defense: Research and Development; Manufacturers

  • Electrical Components and Equipment: Research and Development; Manufacturers


Deal Size:

min. USD 3M

Type of Strategies/Transactions:

Merger & Acquisition:

  • M&A - Acquisition

  • M&A - Distressed & Turnaround

  • M&A - Divestiture

  • M&A - Joint-Venture

  • M&A - Merger

  • M&A - Restructuring & Recapitalisation

  • M&A - Sale

  • M&A - Special & Complex Situations

  • M&A - Strategic Alliance

  • M&A - Takeover

Type of Capital Provided/Transactions:

Merger & Acquisition

Transaction Particulars:

Looking to acquire sensor/detection device manufacturer companies operating across any/multiple business segments, including:

  • 3D LiDAR sensor for outdoor intrusion detection with laser beam technology;

  • fiber cable sensor for perimeter protection, fence protection and intrusion detection;

  • radar sensor for outdoor intrusion detection with radar technology;

  • safety sensor, switch, controller and other devices for industrial gate control, pedestrian door sensor; etc;

  • sensor, platform software and system for people/vehicle counting and flow management systems (congestion management for large transport infrastructure; person tracking; flow monitoring; queue management; people counting; space management);

  • sensor/detection devices for high security applications (power plant, military base, government facility, critical infrastructure, data center); etc

Open to consider various types of M&A deals.

Potential Terms:

Key Financial Indicators (indicative):

  • Operating Revenues: min. USD 5M

  • Potential Stake: min. 51%

Key Financial Indicators (Target/Project, Deal):


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